Posted on June 29, 2022

Spine 1.8.2

Core Java

This is a maintenance release of Spine core libraries. It extends the existing API, primarily focusing on adding new configuration knobs.

In particular, these changes were made since the last release:

  • #1443: Expand the io.spine.server.Server API to allow to:
    • obtain the Query, Subscription, and Command services after the Server is built;
    • add extra gRPC services to the same server.
  • #1448: Allow supplying Executor for SystemWriteSide.

  • #1454: Allow to configure the underlying gRPC server via GrpcContainer API.

No breaking changes to the existing API were made.

Google Cloud Java

This release includes the migration to the latest Spine libraries in their 1.8.2 versions.

Also, the versions of Google Cloud client libraries were updated:

  • Cloud Datastore is now at 2.8.0;
  • Cloud Pubsub V1 version is set to 1.101.1;
  • Cloud Trace version is updated to 2.2.0.

JDBC Storage

One notable change in this update is an ability to order and limit storage records properly, when executing read-side queries.

Previously, there were issues in some scenarios. See this PR for more details.

Also, the versions of dependencies were updated:

  • HikariCP version is set to 4.0.3, which is the latest available version compatible with Java 8;
  • H2 is now used in its latest 2.1.214 version, eliminating the currently known vulnerabilities.


In this maintenance release, web module got the upgrades to the third-party JavaScript dependencies in use.


A major change in this update is the removal of the previous Firebase client implementation, which relied upon the recently discontinued firebase-dart package.

From now on, users will be able to use the library of their choice by implementing the corresponding interface.

The rest of the library’s public API remains intact.