Spine Event Engine is a framework for building cloud applications. It helps applying Domain-Driven Design faster and smarter, with less code.

Our goal is to free developers from writing boilerplate code as much as possible. The framework helps and encourages applying architectural patterns such as Message-Driven Architecture, Event Sourcing, CQRS, and Microservices.

The data model is defined in Protobuf and compiled into performant code in multiple languages. The backend logic is written in Java. Client libraries are available for Java, JavaScript, and Dart.


These are the principles our framework is based on:

  • Events, Commands, and identifiers should be strongly typed.
  • It should be easy to pass data between different programming languages and platforms. We want a domain language to become truly Ubiquitous.
  • Objects must be immutable unless there is a good reason not to do so.
  • Developers should spend more time on business logic rather than plumbing related to storage matters or server environment aspects.
  • The code should be easier to test.

Tools that help us

Libraries we rely on

The full list of open-source libraries that we use is available from the automatically generated dependency report page.

Our Clients

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