Posted on December 20, 2018

Spine 1.0.0-pre2

Core Java

This version brings test API updates, bug fixes and performance optimizations.

Improvements in the test framework

  • TestClient utility (#884).
  • Several features in BlackBoxBoundedContext (#897, #903, #904).
  • New factory methods in GivenUserId (#891).


  • Read less data upon each Aggregate load (#892).
  • Add forceful GrpcContainer. shutdownNowAndWait () to reduce waiting time (#883).

Resolved issues

  • Make ProcessManager versioned properly (#893).
  • Ignore Empty and Nothing returning values from @Command-er handlers (#895).
  • Do not detect entity columns if no @Column annotation was explicitly set (#917).
  • When creating actor requests, do not require both zone offset and zone ID from clients; calculate zone offset automatically (#915).