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Learn by doing with the Quick Start Guide.

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Look up for answers or post your questions under Spine-Event-Engine tag on Stack Overflow.

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Development Support

Get ongoing guidance when implementing your project with Spine

Premium Support

We become closer for some extra money

Help with the use of the framework

Help with the use of the framework

Priority issue resolution

Priority issue resolution

Priority enhancements of the framework and libraries

Responses within one business day

Responses within 4 business hours

Provided by email

Provided by email

Phone, chat, and remote desktop on request

Proof of Concept

Let us help you start your project with our framework

Guidance on applying DDD, CQRS, and Event Sourcing with Spine Event Engine

Domain discovery with #EventStorming session

Development roadmap and a plan for your solution

Suggestions on further implementation

Preliminary remote research

A 3-5 days joint session with your team on-site or online

Further project guidance and support on request


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