Posted on December 21, 2021

Spine 1.8.0


This is a release of Spine base modules, which supports the new features in the upcoming 1.8.0 release of Spine’s core-java modules.

Core Java

This release brings numerous fixes, updates to API and performance improvements.

Breaking Changes

  • Instead of NodeId, ShardSessionRecord now uses WorkerId to indicate who is currently processing which shard.

    Thus, all shard processing sessions should be completed before the migration.

    Please see #1433 for details.

API Changes

  • Made BlackBoxContext implement Closeable (as addition of #1402).

  • BlackBoxContext API has been extended to provide an instance of Client linked to the context under the test.

    It makes possible to use Client in tests, for example:

     BlackBoxContext context = BlackBoxContext.from(...);
     ClientRequest clientRequest = context.client().asGuest();

    Please note, that provided Client would inherit TenantId from BlackBoxContext, but would NOT inherit UserId and ZoneId.

    Check #1407 for details.

  • Made API calls for the conditional settings of ServerEnvironment “lazy”.

    Previously, ServerEnvironment provided two kinds of API calls for the conditional settings:

                       // This call is handy when `myStorageFactory` is already available.
                       // And this one looks lazy, so that it is only executed when and _if_ requested.
                       .use((env) -> createMySqlStorage())

    However, in fact, there was no “lazy” behavior, which caused numerous workarounds to actually postpone the initialization of environment-specific settings until they start to make sense.

    This release addresses the issue by making the behavior truly “lazy” (see #1421).


  • Enabled IntegrationBroker dispatch events regardless of registration order of subscribing and publishing Bounded Contexts (see #1402).

  • Transformation of an Entity’s state during Migration has been changed so that the newState completely overwrites the old one within the migration transaction (see #1405).

  • The internals of IntegrationBroker were made more thread-safe (see #1423).

  • SubscriptionService now properly locates the Bounded Context when subscribing to events produced by standalone producers, such as descendants of AbstractCommandHandler or AbstractEventReactor (see #1423).


  • Improved Catch-up caching (see #1406 for details).

JDBC Storage

This is a public release of Spine libraries providing the Storage implementations for JDBC-compatible DB engines.

It supports all the features recently introduced in the corresponding core-java:1.8.0 release.


Due to the changes introduces in core-java#1433, the structure of shard_session_registry table was changed. NODE_ID field should be renamed to WORKER_ID. The field type remains the same.

It is also recommended to remove all shard_session_registry entries before migration.


  • The reported DbIterator issue was resolved. Previously, in some corner cases, it was breaking the read operations for Aggregates. See #155 for more details.

Google Cloud Java

This is another public release of Spine libraries which streamline the development of apps running under GCP.

It supports all the features recently introduced in the corresponding core-java:1.8.0 release.


In order to support the API change introduced in core-java#1433, the datastore library updates the storage schema. Instead of the ShardSessionRecord.node field, ShardSessionRecord.worker field is now used.

ShardSessionRecords are short-lived by their nature, so the simplest migration strategy would be to pause or stop the application instances, drop all remaining ShardSessionRecords and migrate the traffic to the updated version of the application.

Special attention should be paid to the Datastore indexes, which previously could be created in the applications built on top of Spine datastore library. In case ShardSessionRecord.node was included into any indexes, it might be a good idea to include ShardSessionRecord.worker field instead.


This is a public release of Dart client library for Spine server-side apps.

It includes the custom Dart code generation for Protobuf types, and the client library itself.

The libraries are available via pub:

The package is compatible with Spine servers in version 1.8.0.


This is a public release of Spine web libraries, which support all the features recently introduced in the corresponding core-java:1.8.0 release.


This public release brings the compatibility with the Spine release in version 1.8.0.


This is another public release of Spine time library.

While it brings no particular features or fixes itself, this artifact serves to support the general release of all Spine libraries in version 1.8.0.