Posted on September 26, 2019

Spine 1.1.2


This release brings several improvements and bug fixes to the library.

Notable changes:

  • A new Field utility is introduced for working with Protobuf field paths. The new functionality mirrors and extends the existing FieldPaths utility which is now deprecated (#467).
  • Tests utility is extended with method halt() for failing on unexpected method calls (#464).
  • Stringifiers.toString(...) now correctly processes the enum values (#462).
  • Test utilities now use the latest release version of Google Truth. Minor backward compatibility issues may be expected at the users’ end (#463).

Core Java

This release of Spine core libraries includes:

  • Several API improvements for entity repositories - #1172.
  • The documentation improvements for the @React annotation - #1171.


A public release of Spine Bootstrap plugin.

The plugin sets up all necessary dependencies and configurations to start building Spine-based projects.


A public release of the Spine Web library which includes the Spine web API and its implementation based on the Firebase Realtime Database.


A public release of Spine Time library.

The library assists in working with Protobuf-based Date/Time types.