Posted on February 08, 2019

Spine 1.0.0-pre4


Since 1.0.0-pre3 there were several improvements to the library. Notable changes are listed below.

  • Spine JavaScript plugin for Gradle sets proper requires for the Protobuf-generated files (#298).
  • Duplicated rejections are no longer generated for the libraries in the classpath (#299).
  • enrichment option was removed (#312).
  • Proto descriptors are no longer merged into one file by default (#307).
  • Marker interfaces are now generated for enrichments as well (#314).

Core Java

Moving closer to the public release, this pre-release brings a few improvements to the library users.

  • SubscriptionService now allows to subscribe to domain events in addition to entity state updates. See #961.
  • (enrichment) option is removed in favor of (enrichment_for) and (by) options. See base#308.

The Gradle version was updated to 5.2.