Posted on October 14, 2016

Spine 0.6.0

Core Java

Features & Improvements

Version 0.6.0 introduces a main read-side concept — Stand.

It provides query and subscription API on per-BoundedContext basis, acting as a facade for data retrieval. Being downstream with the Repositories, Stand also stores the latest Aggregate states, making the state fetch much more efficient.

Application interface has been extended with a couple of read-side oriented gRPC services:

  • QueryService — enabling synchronous state retrieval;
  • SubscriptionService — allowing to subscribe for entity state changes.

Structural Changes:

  • ClientService has been renamed toCommandService; its subscription-related methods were moved to the newly introduced SubscriptionService.

  • Model definitions and services related to Users domain were moved to a separate users module.

  • Examples have been extracted as a separate repository.

Dependency Updates

  • gRPC 1.0.0.
  • Protobuf Gradle Plugin 0.8.0