Posted on June 10, 2016

Spine 0.4.2

Core Java

Features & Improvements

  • Starting from this version we added an ability to import events via special command. This may be useful for:
    • importing data via transforming it to aggregate events (as facts in the past);
    • integrating with external data sources.
  • Following the best practices, now we use StreamObserver.onError() instead of returning responses while posting integration events. The same approach is used in CommandBus.
  • New custom Protobuf options were introduced: internal, SPI, experimental and beta. They are to be used as the similar Java annotations.

Improvements always come together with some new wisdom and old issues correction. Here is the one for release 0.4.2.

  • Rescheduling commands from the storage now happens in parallel on CommandBus creation. This way we avoid blocking of the client code execution.