Spine Event Engine 1.0 is Out!

We are glad to announce the release of the first production-ready version of Spine Event Engine!

What started as a dream tool concept to help us build event-driven applications, grew and evolved into a full-fledged CQRS/ES framework for cloud and enterprise.

In a nutshell: Spine Event Engine is a framework for building cloud applications and transforming #EventStorming artifacts into a working domain model code.

What’s in Spine for businesses: The framework helps build modern event-driven applications, closely reflecting business reality, in days not months. It is free for use, however professional consultancy and support are available if necessary.

What’s in Spine for developers: Created with Event Sourcing as a key concept, CQRS as a pattern, and Domain-Driven Design in its heart, Spine extends the Protobuf code-generation technology offered by Google for the needs of the event-driven apps, takes care of the boilerplate code, data flow, and storage, allowing developers to focus on business logic rather than plumbing.

What’s the proof: Honing Spine to work as conceived, we have built several cloud applications on top of it. One of them, created for the U. S. client, runs commercially since 2017.

Where do you start: Get a general overview of the framework key concepts or if you would rather see it working right away, take a look at the examples.

Chime in! We answer questions on Spine use in our Gitter room. Should you want to join us in improving the framework, see the code in the Spine Event Engine organization on GitHub.

What’s next: We are currently working on making Spine support more platforms and environments, and extending the integration with web UI. We will announce the updates @SpineEngine Twitter.