A New Guide on Integrating With a Third Party

Integrating an Event-based system with third-party software or a legacy system can be tricky. We have created a detailed guide, exploring possible strategies for this task.

Have a look!

Learning at DDD Europe 2020

What a great inspiration mixing in with the global DDD-crowd is!

We have just come back from DDD Europe, having shared some experience of ours and full of new ideas for Spine.

Spine Event Engine 1.0 is Out!

We are glad to announce the release of the first production-ready version of Spine Event Engine!

What started as a dream tool concept to help us build event-driven applications, grew and evolved into a full-fledged CQRS/ES framework for cloud and enterprise.

Migrating to Java 8

Starting the upcoming 0.11.0 release the minimal version of Java for Spine-based application will become Java 8. Early adopters can already see the first sights of Java 8 migration in core framework modules.

Blog is now live

As we are getting closer to 1.0-GA release of the framework we thought that it would be nice to start blogging about the framework development, the ES/CQRS-based projects, our insights etc.

The plan is to do this on a regular basis, so stay tuned.

Your feedback and questions are welcome at @SpineEngine or [email protected].