Versioning Policy

Spine version format is [MAJOR].[MINOR].[PATCH], where:

  • The MAJOR version is incremented when significant changes are introduced to the API or the functionality of the framework gains a major extension. For example, this can happen when migrating to the next version of JDK or when the architecture of the framework has been significantly changed.

  • The MINOR version is incremented when the API has been extended with new functionality. Most of the time the changes are backward-compatible. However, a┬áminor version release might include some breaking changes. We treat minor releases with the version number X.X.0 as being stable for use in production.

  • The PATCH version is incremented when some enhancements or fixes are made during the development process. There may be incompatible API changes as well. Therefore, the releases with the patch version other than zero are not recommended for production use.