public final class ServerEnvironment implements AutoCloseable

The server conditions and configuration under which the application operates.


Some parts of the ServerEnvironment can be customized based on the EnvironmentType. To do so, one of the overloads of the use method can be called. Two environment types exist out of the box: Tests and Production. For example:


A custom environment type may also be used:

    final class StagingEnvironment extends EnvironmentType {

If Staging is enabled, the specified value is going to be returned on storageFactory.


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public interface Fn<R> implements Function<T, R>
A function which accepts a class of EnvironmentType and returns a value configured in a ServerEnvironment.
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public class TypeConfigurator
Allows to configure values used by the ServerEnvironment for the given type.


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void close()
Releases resources associated with this instance.
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void configureDeployment(Supplier<DeploymentType> supplier)
Makes the deploymentType return the values from the provided supplier.
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synchronized Delivery delivery()
Returns the delivery mechanism specific to this environment.
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DeploymentType deploymentType()
The type of the environment application is deployed to.
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static ServerEnvironment instance()
Returns a singleton instance.
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CommandScheduler newCommandScheduler()
Obtains command scheduling mechanism used by CommandBus in this environment.
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NodeId nodeId()
Obtains the identifier of the server node, on which this code is running at the moment.
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Optional<StorageFactory> optionalStorageFactory()
Returns a storage factory for the current environment, or an empty Optional if it was not configured.
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void reset()
This is test-only method required for cleaning of the server environment instance in tests.
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void scheduleCommandsUsing(Supplier<CommandScheduler> commandScheduler)
Assigns command scheduling mechanism used at this environment by all CommandBus instances.
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StorageFactory storageFactory()
Obtains the storage factory for the current environment.
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Optional<TracerFactory> tracing()
Obtains the TracerFactory associated with the current environment, if it was set.
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TransportFactory transportFactory()
Obtains the transport factory for the current environment.
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Class<? extends EnvironmentType> type()
Obtains the type of the current server environment.
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static ServerEnvironment.TypeConfigurator when(Class<? extends EnvironmentType> type)
Starts flowing API chain for configuring ServerEnvironment for the passed type.