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This guide gets you started with Spine in Android Java with a simple working example.

Before you begin


Download the example


Run a server application


Connecting via USB

To run the application on a physical device via USB debugging, you must configure USB port forwarding to allow the device to communicate with the server running on your computer. This is done via the adb command line tool as follows:

adb reverse tcp:8080 tcp:50051

This sets up port forwarding from port 8080 on the device to port 50051 on the connected computer, which is the port that the Hello World server is listening on.

Now you can run the Android Hello World app on your device, using localhost and 8080 as the Host and Port.

Connecting via Virtual Device

To run the Hello World app on an Android Virtual Device, you don’t need to enable port forwarding. Instead, the emulator can use the IP address to refer to the host machine. Inside the Android Hello World app, enter and 50051 as the Host and Port.

What’s Next